Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art a la Van Gogh

For the past two weeks we've been studying Van Gogh. We learned about his life, his major works, and his time period. Last week we created our own version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers with torn paper and glue. Yesterday we continued using Van Gogh for inspiration as we delved into a project using Starry Night outlined in one of my favorite books, Discovering Great Artists. As the book suggests, we used construction paper to create the silhouette of a village, then used paint to mimic the movement of the wind and light of the night sky.
Both projects were fun and simple. We added a Van Gogh biography page to our art portfolio, and today my youngest asked, "Are we were going to make any other art a la Van Gogh?"


  1. Well done, thye look fabulous! My kids did a spot of Van Gogh with our co-op I must try and find the photo's. :-)

  2. I bow to your superior homeschooling skills. (We're not worthy...) It looks great!!!

  3. Thanks, guys! The kids had so much fun with them... okay, I did, too. =D Always makes homeschooling more enjoyable. lol