Sunday, August 1, 2010


I am recovering from surgery and as such am forced to "take it easy." I hate taking it easy. Well, I like taking it easy on my terms, when I feel like it and am in the mood. I detest taking it easy when it's forced upon me and I'd really rather not, thank you very much. But that's neither here nor there. I must take it easy or risk a longer, more drawn out recovery. So, here I am. Taking it easy.

The problem I'm having is that I actually have too much time to think. The kids are at my parents house. My husband is here, but he doesn't really talk unless I force him to (which I tried yesterday, but gave up after ten minutes). And what, you must be wondering, am I thinking about? Solutions to global warming? The ever-increasing disparity between the classes? Will the latest attempt by BP in the gulf hold? Immigration? The Middle East in its entirety? Chelsea Clinton's wedding? No, I admit I am really not thinking about any of that. I'm too busy thinking about next year's homeschool agenda. What will it be?!?! How can I decide!?!?!? I torture myself with this every year. Then I claim to have made up my mind (which, in my defense, I really believe that I have) until the end of July comes along. And then I realize I haven't actually made up my mind at all. I need to investigate every option. Pull every book I own off the shelf. Rifle through countless websites, samples, and downloads. Email everyone I know and interrogate them on their choices to see if I should follow in their footsteps. In short, I make myself and everyone who knows me crazy.

So forgive me. I know what will happen... I will design my own eclectic mess of a program, spend 80 hours working on it, and wish I had just had the guts to try a ready-made. Imagine if I spent this much time contemplating solutions to problems that had global significance... hmmm.


  1. LOL. SNAP !!!

    I arrived at our exams as a heap of exhaustion. Instead of letting go and winding down the built up angst I have thrown myself face first into preparing for next year.

    As a result my insomnia is now of the rampant kind.

    I guess a total energy wipeout will bring me to a screeching halt and then when I have caught my breath I can start again and achieve something useful rather than flitting like a manic butterfly between subjects and resources.

  2. Oh, my kindred sister - how alike we are ;)

    I have to say that my solution to this dilemma is to plan only 6 weeks at a time. That way, I'm not locked into any one thing for very long, and we give each thing we try a decent shot at seeing how it works for us.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery :)

  3. Oh, it's a relief to know I'm not alone! Though that may be a bit selfish of me - is it really better to know that we are driving ourselves crazy than just me?!?! =) lol