Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Routine

During the "school year," our morning routine is enjoyable (breakfast and a morning walk) albeit slow-paced. Well, a more accurate description might be snail-paced. In fact, the girls can drag out eating a plate of fruit and a bowl of oatmeal for hours. My oldest, in particular, is a major slow-poke. She is always the last one down in the morning, throwing on a t-shirt and shorts can take her 45 minutes, she is the slowest eater - and I mean slow, and it somehow takes her forever to clear her place. And then she has to brush her teeth... sigh. I really think she could win an Olympic medal in Dawdling. I've taken to setting the timer for 20 minutes so that they finish their food and we can be on our way.

This week, the girls are attending a local summer camp. My husband is taking them on his way to work and, naturally, he cannot be late so if a girl isn't ready when he's leaving, she stays home. The girls are somehow able to be dressed, beds made, backpacks packed, hair brushed, sunscreen applied, and finish their fruit and cereal in a timely manner.

I realize that I need to change our regular morning routine so that we are as efficient as they've been the past few days. I can't quite pinpoint the error of my ways - what has led to such a lackadaisical morning affair? Hmmmm. I don't want to be rushing to "beat the clock," but I can't take an hour or an hour-and-a-half for breakfast every day.  It delays our entire day. Must think on this and see where we're going wrong.... the routine is not so enjoyable when I have to harp on children to "finish up!"


  1. We've also had the kids at summer camp off and on for the summer and I had the same experience realizing that we have been much more efficient. But I sort of miss the lazy mornings of homeschooling. Then again, if the kids aren't finished eating their breakfast, I just make them bring it to the sofa and we start reading or I shove handwriting books in front of them or we just do school in pajamas. Not possible with summer camp.

  2. Oh wow, I know what you mean! If we have somewhere to be, then we are ready and out of here on time. But during the school year? I do allow things to drag. It might not hurt to get up and at 'em in our household either...

  3. It's amazing how motivated my kids can be when they're getting ready for something they WANT to do!

    We also take it pretty easy on school mornings--we usually start school while they're eating breakfast, and during the winter they stay in their warm pajamas for school. I really enjoy our slow mornings--I still remember how hectic and stressful our mornings used to be when my kids were in school!