Friday, August 13, 2010

Fantasy Friday

The house is spotless - even the windows are clean. All the laundry is clean, folded, and put away, and I didn't have to ask the kids one hundred times. The dinner menu is prepared for the upcoming week, the ingredients purchased and ready-to-go. The yard and garden have been taken care of. The grass mowed, the garden weeded, and the compost turned. No toys lay strewn about the yard. No bikes or roller skates lay hidden in the wildflowers. The playroom/schoolroom looks wonderful - all surfaces have been cleared of clutter. Gone are the stacks of papers, the piles of books. The doll heads have all found their way back their bodies. All the Legos are in the correct box with the correct instruction sheet. I've finished planning our thirty-six weeks of work. All supplies have been purchased, sorted, and placed in the correct location. All computer software has been installed. I can hear the light classical music drifting up the stairs from the radio below as I sip my afternoon espresso and leaf through a travel magazine. 


A girl can dream.

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