Sunday, August 29, 2010

Excitement Mounts...

This does not directly relate to homeschooling, but as it will affect everyone in the house it's making the blog...

My husband has been putting up the drywall on the kids' playroom in the basement. HURRAY!!!!! He started this project almost a year ago. We have a large, unfinished cellar and we had a heated "discussion" over whether or not it should be finished. My vote was NO. Why? I could list hundreds of reasons, but it really came down to the fact that money is tight and I wanted any money going into the house going where I was going to see it on a daily basis - the family room, the office, the kitchen, a bathroom. The basement? Nah. However, he seemed determined and my husband is a wonderful builder and handyman. It had been years since he really had a true project so I relented and agreed under the condition that the playroom be completed before the start of the new school year (this is because we are doing school work in the current playroom, which is upstairs by the bedrooms). My goal was that I could officially convert the upstairs room into a dedicated education space ... not that we stay in there all day doing school, but with four kids I have lots and lots of materials and resources and it'd be nice for them to have a home away from Legos, Barbies and PlayDoh. Plus the girls are so excited about having a basement play space. (I think it's because I convinced my husband to finish off the area under the stairs into a "club house.")

My husband worked very persistently during the two weeks he had off at the Christmas holiday season - every day major progress was made. And then... screeching halt. Until several weeks ago when I decided enough was enough and managed to light a fire under him to complete what he started. He's been working down there after work and weekends since the beginning of the month. When he first began the project, we agreed to complete only section of the cellar at a time to make the cost more manageable. At this point, the area under our living and dining rooms are framed out into three spaces - a playroom, a storage closet (about 10 x 9), and a project room/work room (purpose to be determined after it is decided whether or not I will increase my work hours and need a space to work from home later this year). And tonight - drywall was installed in the playroom!!! It looks like a real room!

I no longer believe the playroom will be done before school starts after Labor Day, but it might actually be completed before our first week off in October. Which means I can spend that week moving everything downstairs and rearranging the upstairs room. PLUS - it means that we have usable space so our money hasn't been wasted (which was my fear when I saw absolutely no progress being made).

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