Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mean Girls!!

The other day, Wendy, over at Athena Academy, had an entry on "mean girls" (to read it, click here). I commented that we've dealt with mean girls at my house. And yesterday, we had to deal again. The so-called "mean girls" are two nine-year-old girls from the neighborhood (one across the street, the other about six houses down). They took the mud cookies and brownies that my 6- and 8-year-old daughters had made off the tray, threw them to the ground, and stomped on them. One of them also called my daughters "stupid heads" among other things. Naturally my girls burst into tears and came to get me. I stepped outside and called the girls over (just to find out what was going on because at that point it wasn't clear). They took one look at me and hightailed it out of our yard and back across the street.

This incident led to a very lengthy conversation with my daughters (and also a conversation with my best friend as we remembered some of the mean girls from our past - and those girls, who might very well be nice people as adults, remain "mean girls" in our heads). See? You don't need to go to public school to experience negative socialization. At least we had a teaching moment (trying to see the glass half-full here...).

My husband arrived home just as this incident was winding down and he met my eyes with a little fire in his own. He turned to my daughters and said, "Well, not everyone is going to like you guys, and not everyone likes mud cookies. Stay away from those girls - why hang out with people that don't like you and don't like mud cookies?"

Why indeed? Good point. Anyone that doesn't like mud cookies can't be worth it. ;)


  1. Yeah, some girls are just not worth it. Glad your husband set everything straight :-). Sorry your daughters had to deal with it.

  2. Oh my gosh, what little brats (and that is being nice). Your husband gave the best advice possible! That is what we try to teach our son, and what my dad taught me too. Hopefully those little snots stay in their own yard and out of yours!