Friday, April 9, 2010

From the Madhouse to Hogwarts

I love the Harry Potter series. We are currently listening to book three in our car, and I find myself taking the long way home so that I can keep listening. I'm even contemplating a long drive to an undetermined destination so that we can finish book three and move on to book four. Maybe camping? And I'm debating about changing our spine in school from History to Harry Potter. Okay, that may be taking it a bit far, but all kidding aside I do think we're going to have to do some school work from the wizarding world. I think we can definitely cook up some cool chemistry and have a Potions Class.

I promise not to be as intimidating as Professor Snape.


  1. I love that idea. I bet it would be tons of fun.

  2. Go for it! Create a Hogwarts academy! That would be fun.

  3. Yes, I think I'm more excited about this idea than my kids (nerd alert!). =) I even had a wild thought of how much fun it would be if I told them to put on their robes for school... lol. =)

  4. We've been doing a lot of harry potter too - read a book, watch a movie, re-read that book, watch the next movie ... i finished reading book three today and my 6 yo wants to watch movie 4 tomorrow. I do worry that it starts to get a bit past his comprehension level around there.

    Whats fun is, we bought the first book when it first came out and I read it to my first child . . . i've read these books so many time and do not tire of them.

    In the car, we just have The Story of US, by Joy Hakim . . . which 14 yo and I like more than the 6 yo does.

  5. We're on book five right now, almost to the end. My dd 7 is still a wee bit attached to letter grades after just 2 years in ps so I told her next year I will use the HP grade scale and she thinks that will be cool.