Wednesday, March 17, 2010

State Review - Update

Well, we passed our review. Surprise. Of course we did! I made sure that everything was in order, that all requirements were met. I was a tad surprised he didn't press me on the "Health" section of the binders (which was basically empty except for a random page or two that I decided would fit the bill). Apparently, he accepted my statement that we cover health as a real-life subject at this point.

The funny parts of the interview:
  • One of my daughters was totally missing from their registry. No documents, nothing on file to show that she is being homeschooled. I had been tempted to homeschool without filing anything on any of my children this year, but wimped out last minute and sent everything in. This goes to show me that I would have been fine had I opted for the rebellious route.
  • He said he could tell that my children are bright and gifted and (and this is the best part) that he was impressed that they clearly don't need much to motivate them to complete their school work. ... Huh? He got all that from four binders of various school work?!?! I bet he says that to all the girls!
  • I carefully wrote out our yearly outline detailing all subjects, resources used, etc., as requested by the letter sent to our home. He accidentally skipped over two pages, missing all information on mathematics and social studies/history. I didn't point this out to him.
  • Apparently I get to do this all over again in MAY. I'm not a supporter of state reviews, but why would you have your reviews so close together?? Why not one in late November and then again in May or June? Why mid-March and then mid-May? Ridiculous.
  • He told me it was clear that I am a dedicated teacher - and wondered if I had been a teacher before homeschooling because usually the parents that are professional teachers do a better job (I have absolutely no teacher training). I was a tad insulted, but I simply I told him I thought it was just the binders making me look good because they are sleek and black and make everything look put together - like wearing a smart black suit. He didn't know what to say so he just chuckled nervously.
  • I questioned him on the dropping-off of the binder policy - I wanted to know how he managed to review so many binders so quickly. He told me that he has aides assist in the process. I asked if they were certified teachers and he told me, oh, no - they are part of the administrative support staff (which means that not only do they not have a teaching credential, they most likely do not have a college degree - which I find ironic as homeschool parents in some states are required to have a B.A. or B.S., and many would like to see a teaching credential required).
I could go on and on, but I won't. It's over. We passed. And I don't have to think about this again until... oh yeah, mid-May.


  1. I imagine May will be easier, much less to gather together. We recently switched charters, one of the options here in CA. I was quite worried because I heard the paperwork was more complicated. Turns out it's much easier - I just talk. I'm good at that!

    Anyway, I'm glad it went smoothly, although it does sound like a huge hassle. Think of all the beauracrats you're keeping employed in this economy ;-).

  2. Thats really funny that he said the teachers usually make better home school educators, but saw no irony in the fact that they dont need to be teachers to reveiw what you've done!