Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's official - the kids are Nana & Grandpa's and my husband and I are leaving this morning for a weekend in Philadelphia. I love my children ... but YAY!!! I'm excited for a grown-up weekend. My husband has been fabulous with the planning. Staying at a nice hotel - check! My only must-do is the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Picasso exhibit; not a problem - we're members of the museum and we have Picasso tickets, so check! As a vegan with Celiac disease, eating out can be problematic for me, but my husband researched many restaurants and found lots of vegan joints and even a vegan, gluten-free bakery. Check! We want to do some "touristy" things - check! - we're going to do a cool walking tour (my favorite kind). And while we're not up for going to night clubs, we are up for having a good time; what better way to do that than to see a comedy show? My husband got us tickets for a stand-up show at the Helium. Check! (Are you annoyed by my "checks!" yet? Sorry - I'm just excited. And I'm drinking caffeine.)

So what am I doing here in my bathrobe with my coffee? I'd better get dressed so we can officially escape!



  1. Oh, i want to have your list of gluten-free vegan restaraunts in philly!


  2. Ohhh... I did enjoy! Probably a little too much, but it was worth it. Let's see...

    (1) We went to Mi Lah for brunch (vegan, not dedicated GF but they were very willing to make sure my meal was GF).

    (2) We went to Sweet Freedom Bakery. Yes, a bakery that is a dedicated gluten-free, vegan (and corn-free!) facility. Yum. YUM. And bonus: they start shipping this week. I recommend the blueberry bar thingy. I think I'm drooling at the memory.

    (3) We had dinner at Horizons. This place ROCKS. The food was so good, they aren't dedicated gluten-free but the owner came over to be sure my needs were accommodated. Which they were to the umpteenth degree. This was my absolute, hands-down favorite place to eat. I will be going back again!

    (4) We had a light lunch at Soy Cafe - a small place that's neither dedicated vegan nor gluten-free. But it's all dairy-free and they have lots of vegan goodies there. They were also clearly used to the gluten-free request b/c they special made my lunch no problem.

    (5) We missed Thoreau (which I was sad about, but you can only eat so many meals!) - vegan.

    (6) Also missed Essene - vegan.
    (7) And we missed something I can't remember... something "Grille".

    I will just have to go back and eat some more!

    If you're ever up this way and are eating at Horizons... let me know! I'll meet you there. =)