Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chemistry Tuesday

Yesterday my two oldest daughters enjoyed a day literally filled with chemistry. We took over the kitchen and had celery, helium tanks, balloons, potatoes, bottles of hydrogen peroxide, scissors, glue, glitter, food coloring, oil, vinegar, tomatoes, salt, salt substitute (which I recommend not tasting- ugh), and about a million other things scattered about the counters, stools, and chairs.

Not only was it totally fun, but very educational (I know, gasp!). I learned something I did not know - that hydrogen peroxide bubbles when it makes contact with a cut because of a chemical in our blood called catalase (which is apparently also what causes grey hair!). I feel like I should have known this for about thirty years, and maybe at some point I did "learn" it, but it was overshadowed by an equal number of years of being told that hydrogen peroxide bubbles when it touches "germs." Germs or catalase, we had so much fun. And the two younger siblings decided they were better off creating a cat fort to hold all of the kittens one of the cats is about to have (all said cats and kittens are of the stuffed variety). They would have been welcome, but having some two-on-one time with the older two was a nice change. We may have to have another Chemistry-Day soon!

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