Friday, December 11, 2009

Strange and Strangers

I had the, uh, opportunity to spend last night at my husband's company holiday party. The evening was spent meeting various employees and making small talk. All of these people were strangers to me, and I to them, so naturally the question of "And what do you do?" was repeatedly directed at me. I wanted to give a fabulously exciting answer but time and time again I found myself replying that I was currently staying home with the children. Yawn. About half the time the fact that I homeschool came up. Typically this led to peculiar looks, questions of why anyone would ever want to do that, or, my favorite (strange) question, "Is that something you do when the kids come home from school?" Uh... no. All in all the night was quite wearisome despite the beautiful location, a strange evening surrounded by strangers (on more than one occasion I was reminded of The Doors lyrics "People are strange, when you're a stranger..."), and it's an experience I don't care to have again for at least another year.

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