Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend was great. I did not accomplish anything on my to-do list. My list was filled with items like "clean all bathrooms" and "scrub kitchen floor." I am happy to report that the bathrooms still need cleaning and the kitchen floor looks worse today than it did Friday. Usually this state of affairs would make my head hurt, but instead I am thrilled. Why? Because instead of doing any of the mundane chores that usually take up hours of my weekend, my husband and I started to finish (yes, ironic words) the project I began back in July when I ripped my schoolroom out of the main floor study and shoved it upstairs into the playroom. The plan is to create an actual study out of the room. Between July and Friday afternoon, the room was without identity. The table merely collected unwanted items and piles of paper. The computer was stashed in the corner and the only way to sit at the computer was to balance awkwardly on a cheap plastic stool and type over piles of paper, bills, etc.

No longer. We finally cleared out the old furniture, put in the new goods, pulled down the ugly old curtains and put up new (well, they are old but they are new to that room) curtains, and put away about 90% of the items that will live in that room. What's left is to now relocate some of the old furniture up to the new school room and some down to the basement, install the new french doors, find a chair for the desk and two for reading, acquire a table and a few lamps, and do some decorating. I estimate that this room will not be "done" done any time soon, but certainly will look much better before the end of the year. So while all of the attention focused on this room was counterproductive to my weekend to-do list, I feel 10 lbs lighter at having made so much progress in this room. Unfinished, messy areas weigh me down. Plus, I got to spend lots of time with my husband, and since I enjoy his company, commentary and companionship, that was a really good thing.

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