Friday, November 13, 2009


In eavesdropping on my daughters playing with their dolls, I learned that some of their dolls and animals have the following names. I asked where they came up with them, and here is what I learned:

Isabella (of Isabella and Ferdinand)
Elizabeth (as in Elizabeth I of England)
Mary (of Mary Queen of Scots)
Titania (from A Midsummer's Night's Dream)
Helena (from the above)
Joan (as in Joan of Arc)
Buttercup (from The Princess Pride)
Hamlet (from Shakespeare - by the way, this is the name of a stuffed pig; too funny since we're vegetarian)

At least the history lessons are being put to use somewhere! Well, I'll admit that The Princess Bride has nothing to do with history but I love that story despite the fact that Buttercup is a vapid, helpless damsel-in-distress. Oh well - at our house she was cast as the family dog.

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