Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not Home Schooling

Yesterday we packed our bags and took our school work to a book store. We spread our work over a large table in the cafe section of the store and set up camp for four hours. From home I brought sandwiches, carrots, nuts and raisins to sustain the children and over the course of our visit I purchased $5 worth of coffee and tea beverages to sustain me. The girls are used to curious eyes and didn't pay much attention, but I enjoyed the wondering glances and smiles. We were interrupted no less than five times by curious store patrons. Three assumed I was a homeschooler, one asked if school was out for the elections, and one asked if they were home sick (odd question since we weren't home and no one was sick). All asked me several questions about homeschooling, all of which genuine and not judgmental. The girls behaved perfectly and were wonderful homeschool ambassadors.

It was lovely.

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  1. Homeschooling doesn't always happen at home. I love this post!