Friday, October 9, 2009

Wrapping Up Week Six

The end of week six. More than halfway to the end of the first quarter. Fifteen percent of the year's work completed. Well, we're almost done. Another hour or two. Close enough.

Time to reflect on what is working and what is not working...

Going great:
  • Almost all homeschool subjects - can you believe I just wrote that????? I myself have a hard time believing it! But it's true - things are going very smoothly; I'm happy with what I've planned and the girls seem to be enjoying themselves.
  • Amount of time dedicated to school work - again, I somehow hit the nail on the head this year and found a good balance. Fingers crossed it keeps working!
  • Keeping extracurricular activities during traditional "after school" and evening hours - although this makes for some long days (e.g., we don't get home from swim team until 8pm) we can focus on things around the house that need to get done (e.g., school work, chores, free play, etc.).

Not going so great:

  • Connecting with other homeschoolers, a.k.a. community building - relatively nonexistent. I have one (yes ONE) homeschooling friend with kids about the same age. She has organized a fabulous poetry group that meets once a month, but other than that we don't have a local "gang" to hang with. We do attend some activities, but this is most definitely NOT the same thing as having a group with which you feel you really click.
  • Weekly Nature Study - hasn't happened one time. We do go on walks, we collect and observe things in the natural world, but I haven't done the official "Nature Study" with journals, etc., like I wanted to. I don't think I'll bother this year.
  • Finding time for myself - again, nonexistent. I do work out and I'm happy to report that I make time for that, but it's not enough. Exercise to me is the same as eating and sleeping, so while I'm grateful to be getting the basics I don't feel like it counts as "me time." It'd be the same as saying, "Gosh I'm glad I ate today!" Of course I am aware that I am fortunate and that there are others going without, but you get my meaning. Unlike my previous bullet, I think I will bother this year. I need to. I have four daughters and I need to keep telling myself that I will not set the example of putting myself last. This is very hard for me to accomplish in reality. It sounds good, but in practice I have let almost all of "me" go. Exactly what I vowed would not be my choice (because I do believe we make choices on this). I do not want my girls to continue this as women, so I need to figure something out. Maybe we can chip away at this unhealthy cycle.

That is enough reflection for today - we're about to get started on a fun art project, finish up a hands-on history project, and we still have some reading, poetry and vocabulary to complete before I can say good-bye to Week Six!

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  1. We are experiencing the same things as far as what is going great. Do you find that it goes in phases? Smooth here, then bumpy there...

    On the not-so-great stuff, I wish we'd focus more on a weekly nature study as well. It is on our schedule, but I don't "plan" it. I think we've done 2 drawings outdoors for our nature journal.

    And connecting with other local HSers? Yeah. We have a group here and I think I've "connected" to one person. But the entire group is pretty much my opposite politically and religiously. I'm the token secular homeschooler.

    I don't let that get in the way (we have regular playdates with one of the conservative Christian moms, and we have a LOT in common), but I often miss my secular homeschooling friend back in the states! We could talk about anything and express our views, without being concerned about offending each other.

    Hopefully the not-so-great stuff will work out for you!