Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankfully Thursday

I don't know what it is, but this week is kicking my behind. Or maybe it's just that I feel behind. Not so much with homeschooling - somehow we're actually staying on track, so far - but rather with housework. UGH. Dreaded, dreaded housework.

Now, I am by no means a five-star domestic goddess. Not even close. But I do tend to stay on top of the little things and our home stays relatively neat and orderly (as neat and orderly as a house with four hooligans can). I have a laundry system that works pretty well (no piles of laundry), our dishes make it into the dishwasher and cabinets, the floors and furniture stay as dust-free as dark wood can, and I typically feel confident that our home is presentable and comfortable...

This week? Yikes! I have four loads of clean laundry hiding in my closet, sometime earlier in the week our dishwashing cycle got thrown off and now no matter what I do there are dirty dishes in the sink because the washer is either full or running, I can see nasty footprints and smudges-of-unknown-origin on the wood floors, there are piles of paper and books all over the kitchen and playroom, and the kitchen floor... I can't even begin with the kitchen floor; suffice it say that a large gust of wind met with a large, ornate jar filled with decorative oil and vinegar (and peppers, seeds, flower bits, etc.) and the latter plummeted from the top of a bookshelf to the tile floor below and shattered. I did clean it up despite my wish that someone else would magically appear and take over the task for me. But this took away from my usual floor-cleaning time so I have only one very clean spot in my kitchen while the rest has gone to hell.

And the dust. Oh, the dust. I know it's my fault. I'm a sucker for the wind. It's my favorite element. I could stand in the wind for hours. I love it, absolutely and unconditionally. So like the insane person that I am, I kept our windows WIDE open earlier this week because we had very windy weather (see above paragraph regarding large jars toppling) and I am now seeing the ramifications to all floors and furniture surfaces. But I'm not complaining too loudly about that because, after all, we did get to enjoy the wind.

I won't even get into the rest of the disaster. I have decided that there's nothing to be done at this point except clean it all up. So I've designated a good part of Saturday to the task. The girls will help me and I am confident our usual order can be restore. Okay, maybe I'm not confident but I'm really, really hopeful. Maybe desperate is a better word?


  1. Not the dust! Maybe it's because hubby came home and you needed to spend time together? It is always more efficient to blame the hubby. ;-)

  2. Oh, I so wish this were true... sadly for me (and more sadly for my hubby) he's been working nonstop. Literally. Coming home at 1am, 2am... It's 10pm on Saturday and he's still at work. No, I only have myself to blame. No wonderful, stolen moments.