Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday!!! Week Nine!!!!

I can hear bells ringing! It's the end of week nine AND we're only slightly behind the massive schedule I made! We might actually catch up before the end of the quarter next week... not that the world will stop turning if we don't, I realize, but still... we might catch up! We're only "behind" by one science experiment and one history project (both of which my husband was supposed to do with the girls but who's pointing fingers? other than me?). This week hasn't been my best, but it's almost over. Hurrah!

And the end of week nine means that Halloween is tomorrow. Naturally, three of my girls changed their minds about their costumes at the last minute. The eldest sister has decided it will be more fun to be a Fortune Teller. She has a deck of tarot cards and fancies she can use them correctly and accurately. Hey, maybe she can for all I know so, calling her by her fortune teller name I say, "Go Madame Magista!" Anne Boleyn has become Pippi Longstocking - I have to admit I was a tiny bit disappointed on this one and actually tried to change her mind (not something I do much of when it comes to Halloween costumes), but she stayed firm. She just finished reading Pippi Longstocking and I think she's quite inspired so what can you do? We already have the hair down - her little braids stick way up and out with modified metal hangers. Very cool. The third hasn't changed her mind - still going as a ghost (she wants the white sheet and everything). And the youngest has decided to be a dancer instead of a puppy, which actually makes my life easier because I had put off buying any puppy-costume items and we have drawers full of dance costumes.

So Happy End-of-Week-Nine to me and Happy Halloween to you!

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