Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Whirlwind

Phew - what a weekend. I feel like I've been going 24/7 ... and I have. Ugh. At least we had fun this weekend. The highlight was major apple picking at a local orchard (we brought home over 80 pounds of apples). It was the perfect late summer day - clear skies, warm but not hot. In the orchard you could hear the bees buzzing and smell the overripe apples that had already fallen to the orchard floor. Once we got home we started peeling and slicing, simmering and baking and the house was full of warm, delicious, homey smells. By nightfall the air was crisp and cold and clear - I longed for a bonfire and blankets and wonderful stories.

Hmmm. Fall is so close, I can taste it. Quite literally.

I managed to eat an entire dish of (gluten-free, vegan) Apple Crisp (can you hear the buttons popping off my jeans?). I also had a major baking accomplishment - I was able to turn our old family recipe for Apple Cake into a gluten-free, vegan Apple Cake and not lose taste and texture. (Now I just have to be able to do it again.) But with my cake in hand, I'm ready for autumn!

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  1. So is Monday going to be a relaxing day, then? LOL That would be funny to most people to think "Ahhh, Monday!" But I think that way every week.

    It DOES sound like a fun weekend. Picking apples? Awesome! Eating them? Even better. :)