Monday, September 14, 2009

Today, a question

Okay, maybe it's half-question, half-whining...

How do you know when it's time to move?

I thought I could handle rural - and in many ways I do like it. The kids can play outside and ride their bikes. We know all of our neighbors. Our physical house is wonderful - more house than we could dream of in an urban setting. It's quiet - I can hear crickets and frogs, ducks and geese. There is space enough to breathe deeply and no smog to worry about breathing in.

On the other hand, I am wondering how much I can let roll off my back. I guess it's one thing when you know there are others like you nearby and you can vent it out over tea. I can take quite a bit under those circumstances. It's another when you realize you're the only one who's not nodding your head, that you're the pariah, the heathen, the "crazy liberal" because I think that not saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school is okay or that global warming is real, not a scheme cooked up by the Left.

And most importantly, that by default, by association with you, your kids are also going to be pariahs.

Does this mean it's time to move? Or is it time to breathe deeply the smog-free air and find a way to make it work...


  1. Hm, we know its time to move because the Air Forces tells us to move. But, to be honest, I DO look forward to the day we return to New England, and I find that perfect old house to call my own.

    Believe me, I share your pain. In the military, I'm an anomaly. Everything you said about yourself - that's me too.

    Here, I have been fortunate to find people of like-mind. Sure, I enjoy the company of people with different beliefs, politics and points of view. That's how I learn new things and decide to explore new topics.

    But, yeah, sometimes you need people who share your ideas; people who will look at you and say, "Yeah, this global warming thing DOES suck!"

  2. Ah. So you're a liberal in a conservative setting. I feel the same way as you do more often than not. I homeschool too. But I'm a Traditional and conservative Catholic in a liberal setting. Perhaps God places us here to help balance things out.
    Sounds, at least, like you're in a healthier atmosphere than I am!

  3. Oh. I don't think global warming isn't necessarily occurring - but I don't swallow the Al Gore hype. My dh is a scientist and he refutes a lot of the stuff they try to cram down our throats about it all. Just like a lot of things. Pollution and materialism and entitlement are things I'm more concerned with.