Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday...

We had a rocky start - everyone was tired and emotionally drained from my husband's homescoming yesterday. It was so wonderful to have him walk through the front door. I felt a huge sensation of relief come over me - I hadn't realized I was so worried about his safe return! But he's back, brought us fabulous goodies from India, and lots of love. He missed us, too, and it showed. I felt this warm sensation in my soul when he looked at me all day yesterday - it felt good to know that he missed me. So after lots of quality family time yesterday, this morning was a bit slow in getting off the ground; once we started moving we rolled through a fair amount of "school."

One exciting tidbit to share: my youngest is starting to really read. She has a tough row to hoe being the youngest of four. She tends to compare herself to her sisters and gets easily frustrated when she doesn't remember a word, so I need to be extra careful about keeping things light and fun. And it's working! She had a blast today and read quite a bit. I feel confident that moving slow was the right thing for her and that waiting until now was the exact right time to start.

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  1. Welcome home to your husband. Enjoy your family time. Sometimes there is nothing more wonderful.

    Congratulations to your youngest on reading!