Monday, September 7, 2009

Makes me think...

We're on vacation, but naturally my husband still had to work.
On our vacation.
On Labor Day.

The upside is that I'm using his computer because I read something today and the words have made me think. They've got me to the point where I have to write something down to remember them by and the notebook where I usually jot down my rambling thoughts is apparently also on vacation as I cannot find it anywhere.

The words I read are thought-provoking words. They've sunk into my stubborn brain and are nesting there, keeping the fragile beginnings of a new thought warm so that is can hatch into something bigger. Perhaps a change is coming to my life.

"Stress is like fire: When controlled and used for a purpose, it serves us well. Left unbridled, it can consume us."
-Brendan Brazier

Perhaps it'd be better if my husband read them and allowed them to sink into his even more stubborn brain...


  1. Great quote! Make sure that hard-working husband of yours enjoys the family vacation.

  2. Ah, the working vacation. I know it well.

    Good luck in getting your guy into vacation mode. :)