Saturday, September 26, 2009

At Week's End

Week Four ended yesterday. Went off without a hitch. Sometimes it can be hard to get rollin' in the morning. I don't always want to do the basics. I almost always want to do all the fun bits - creating wacky art, listening to great music, playing in and enjoying the world outside our four walls. Those things come easy. But teaching math? Not so much. I feel a mental sigh sometimes when I see a math book or a phonics book.

This week, however, I felt rewarded. It was a week where I could actually "see" the progress my girls are making. Not just in the drier things, but all around. In their journaling, in their play. And I realized that all of these things are interconnected, even when it doesn't appear that way. Like life. You can't separate bits of your life, bits of yourself. You are whole. Learning is whole. And it was a wonderful feeling. It helps make the prospect of week five okay.

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  1. Mornings? Ugh. Yes, it would be so great to do the fun stuff first. Some days we kinda sorta moan and groan through the basics, and some days everything goes smoothly.

    How nice to hear that you are seeing your daughters' progress. It sounds like you and they are all doing a wonderful job.