Saturday, August 8, 2009

Think big, lose weight

The past few days have been instructive. Going through so many homeschool items, books, websites, etc., I began to feel (a) overwhelmed and (b) like somewhat of a failure since I'm not fitting in all these wonderful resources. Nevermind the piles of projects, worksheets, narrations, drawings, books, art creations, etc., that we have done this year - it's the things that we either didn't get to, didn't finish, or didn't even know about until I accidentally found them online yesterday that get to me.

I realize it's because I easily lose sight of the "big picture" when I'm surrounded by the "weight" of hundreds of papers, books, projects, etc. If I return to the big picture - why I homeschool in the first place, my long term hopes and goals for my children, myself, and my family - I feel much calmer, more accomplished, and definitely have a more posistive, happy outlook. (I should probably write them down and post them on the fridge.)

When I do this, I don't feel so lost.

So my goal for the next week (and really life): repeat my new mantra of 'Think big, lose weight" over and over and over and over and over.... until it sticks.

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  1. i am always repeating similar mantras to myself - like, "do less, enjoy more" and "do less, accomplish more". :^)