Monday, August 24, 2009

One Down, How Many to Go???

Today was the official "first day of school" at our house. What a tremendous sense of relief I feel - all the planning and arranging finally put into action, and I have to say things went off without a hitch. Better than I'd anticipated, in fact. My girls were all VERY, VERY excited, which made me feel great. My oldest was so excited she had a hard time falling asleep (I'm not sure what she thought was going to happen, but I'll take it!). That being said, I already see things in my plan that are going to work wonderfully and things that will not, which is all to be expected. In fact, I actually enjoy figuring out what doesn't work because I can cross it off my list!

My least favorite things about today: (1) constant interruptions (ahhh - the dream of more peaceful one-on-one time with each child); (2) Hooked on Phonics - my five-year-old really wants to do this... not sure how long I'll last (I'm hoping she loses interest quickly); (3) lack of preparation on my part regarding down time for my youngest - I really need to have a good supply of games/activities/projects/etc. to keep her busy while her sisters are finishing their work and my current supply is lacking.

My favorite things about today: (1) my two eldest daughters' genuine excitement and interest in our history topic and the fabulous discussion that ensued; (2) the creative works of Dada art that my girls made - especially my five-year-old's "Landscape Habitat" sculpture (see photo); (3) reading a French fairytale to my little ones and my six-year-old later looking up France in her children's atlas to learn more about the country.
Ahhh... one down and... uh, let's not list how many to go. I'm just going to enjoy today.


  1. I know that feeling of relief after all the planning, planning, planning!

    Hooray for having a group of enthusiastic students. It always makes it more fun to have children who are excited about learning.

  2. Oh, I would definitely chalk that one up as a successful homeschool day, if I were you! :)