Thursday, August 6, 2009


You may be wondering how there can be lost persons in a homeschool. Have I lost my own children? Do I take in wandering, stray homeschool kids? Am I failing my children so much that they are truly lost with no idea as to what's going on around them? Or is that me?

Not quite...

As I enter my fifth year as a homeschool mom, I realize that while I may not be quite as lost as I once was, I am still struggling to find my way. It seems that every fall, after having spent weeks preparing for the upcoming year, I vow that I will not fall prey to second-guessing myself next time. I will not jump, with both feet, into the next latest-and-greatest. I will ignore what the homeschooler next door (okay, not next door - several miles away) is using even though it sounds so fabulous. And before the start of each new school year, I'm right back where I was the year before: researching, soul-searching, discussing options for hours with other homeschoolers, friends, and perfect strangers, making piles of old and new books all over the house. Wondering if I should stick with being a classically-eclectic, (somewhat) relaxed homeschooler, or if I should switch to a new approach. (School-in-a-box? Unschooler?) And in recent years, the sheer volume of options has become overwhelming and definitely contributes to my "lost factor."

And perhaps most importantly, every fall I hope to find a true sense of community. Living in a rural area means less people, less homeschoolers, less options. I have yet to find a place that feels comfortable. We're still searching - we're still lost... hence, Lost Persons Homeschool.


  1. Something hidden. go and find it.
    Go and look behind the Ranges -
    Something lost behind the Ranges.
    lost and waiting for you. Go!
    — Kipling

    looking forward to reading more :^)

  2. My first comment - and I love it! Thank you!