Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Started

When approaching the new school year, I sometimes feel like a squirrel that's darted out into traffic - running quickly in many different directions, but ultimately getting no where and running the risk of getting hit by a car (or in my case, being taken to the mental institution for crazed and dazed homeschoolers).

To at least keep myself moving in one direction, I decided to go through all educational materials and resources I currently own and take stock. I figured that from here, I could see if what I have will work for me for next year, or if I should try something new all together.

Sounds simple, right?

Ha! I started this process back in June when the kids were enrolled at day camp, figuring that with the four girls gone I'd have ample time to go through everything and come up with a plan.

That didn't happen.

But I had at least started the process. Then, a day or so before we had a tag sale, I quickly went through things taking anything I hadn't and wouldn't use off the shelves. Given the venue, I didn't sell much, but at least those items are crated and I refuse to take any of it out of the crates (I will eventually either sell it at a local homeschool sale/swap or donate it/give it away).

Two days ago I started really going through what was left. To help keep me organized and moving in the right direction with this very daunting process, I started tab with links to most of the resources I've found: Our Homeschool Resources At Your Fingertips (see sidebar; I would make a separate page, but I don't know how). I've limited the list to items that we actually use or will use. We don't use every resource on this list every day, but we have used them and found them helpful. My goal is that after going through all of this I will be one step closer to formulating a plan for next year (no laughing - I only said I'd be one step closer, not there!).

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