Wednesday, August 12, 2009

General Plans

In responding to a post on Secular Homeschool, I wrote out my general plans for the upcoming year. These are subject-to-change! I'm hoping to post the more detailed plans after I'm done making them, but here is the general plan.

Input & feedback very welcome!!!

4th Grader

Math Mammoth (Multiplication 1, Division 1 & 4th complete)
Writing Tales (when finished we'll do Igniting Your Writing)
Journal writing - although they write in their journals whenever they want, once a week I do a structured write
Exercises in English (grammar) - notebook the rules
Spelling - notebook any mistakes from own work
Vocabulary - notebook words from reading that are new (required to do 3 per week)
English from the Roots Up (**after much research, I've decided to drop Latin as a language until about 7th grade and use this in the meantime)
McGuffey's 4 (even though she's a great reader, I think a daily dose of oral reading is helpful) - narration if wanted
Literature and Reading - I pull most of her lit. books from the time period we're studying, but not all; some are from other reading lists - I try to get a variety; she then notebooks her assigned book (additional books don't have to be notebooked) and we discuss; I also read a variety of books to the girls and this is part of the literature study

I combine this child with the next in history & science:
Story of the World 3 & Usborne IL Encyclopedia
- we do narration & drawing, mapwork, a hands-on project, extra reading
REAL Science
Structured nature study once per week

I combine all four girls in Art and Music (at their own levels):
- Great Artists (project and notebook page for each artist - we'll cover 20 -30 this year) plus we sketch a ton for the notebooking pages
Music - Monthly composer study that I pull together (I try to keep it simple - read the bio one week, listen to the music, draw/write a reaction to a piece, learn about a key instrument from the time, etc.) & Piano lessons

2nd/3rd Grader

Math Mammoth
Explode the Code (this year will be books 6, 7 and 8)
finish Phonics Pathways (with occassional copywork)
Daily oral reading from McGuffey's and Aesop's Fables (I alternate) - notebook narration 1- 2 times per week
Spelling - from her own mistakes (same as above) - no formal vocabulary
First Language Lessons
Handwriting Without Tears - cursive
Writing program - undecided - still not sure if we'll do formal writing this year or hold off; leaning towards holding off
Journal writing - same as above
Literature / reading - same as above but on her own reading level

History -Story of the World 3 - same as above
Science - REAL Science - same as above
Art - same as above
Music - same as above except violin lessons

1st Grader

Math Mammoth
Explode the Code (books 3, 4, 5)
Phonics Pathways (with copywork)
Daily oral reading from McGuffey's and Aesop's Fables (same as above - though the older child is farther along)
Handwriting Without Tears - continue printing
First Language Lessons
Spelling - same as above
no formal writing program
Journal writing - same as above
Reading & Literature - books she can read from history, easy chapter books, and the books I read aloud as part of our literature study - she can notebook 1 - 2 books per week (1 is required) at her own level

I combine the younger two for History and Science:
- Story of the World 1 & Usborne encyclopedia - do narration/drawing, mapwork, coloring and hands-on project
Science - living books, I have several books of easy experiments - we will try to do a notebook page or two a week
Nature study as above

Art- as above
Music - as above with piano lessons


No formal math - work with real life math - notebook key ideas
Explode the Code (1, 2, 2 1/2 - as far as she gets - she's not a seatwork kinda gal but she likes to 'do school, too')
Oral Reading from McGuffey's and lots and lots and LOTS of readers - she loves this
Hooked on Phonics (she wants this; it's not my 'usual' - it was a gift so we'll give it a go)
Handwriting without Tears
Literature & Reading - basically the same as the 1st grader, but at her own level and participate in literature studies as she can/wants
History - as above
Science - as above
Art - as above
Music - as above, no formal lessons - I will teach her the basics of the recorder if she wants/has interest


  1. Wow are you an ambitious soul or what? Good plan!

  2. Ambitious is one word for it! Crazy might be another... =D
    We'll see how it goes - the best laid plans, right?