Sunday, August 9, 2009

Biting the Bullet

Okay, I'm doing it.

I'm actually beginning to plan for the upcoming year. Don't get me wrong - I'm far from done "organizing" (if you can call it that). I'll probably be doing that for the next fifteen years. But I've actually taken the plunge... I've started writing out our academic plans. I've even created a fancy little grid to help me sort things out. Granted, it's blank. But it's there. It's waiting for me to start pencilling in books and projects.

I feel so much better.

The feeling is similar to running on a dull and boring road. The scenery doesn't seem to change much and the sky is endless. You feel like you've been running for miles but going nowhere. And then, there it is - all of a sudden you can see the end. It's not close. You've still got a ways to go. But it's there.

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