Monday, August 31, 2009

Beginning Week Two

Today we started Week Two of the academic year. Our day began later than usual because everyone slept in (myself included). Thank goodness! It was a very busy weekend with late nights, and the lack of sleep was/is apparent in both the kids and myself. Despite the late start and extra crankiness we ended up having a good day.

There is much to look forward to this week... I'm most excited for the art project of the week (we will be making an impressionist-style painting on muslin using pastel chalks). We are also learning about Mercury and Venus and their respective atmospheres by creating mini-atmospheres in jars. In history, the younger girls are exploring Ancient Egypt while the older two are working on projects to learn about the various sea voyages and "discoveries" of the late 15th/early 16th centuries. We are reading a wide variety of books and poems, and will have our first poetry recitation at the "Poetry Jam" on Friday.

On our daily walk through the neighborhood, the girls and I were excited to see some signs that autumn is not too far away. The most obvious sign is the first wave of Canadian geese arriving at the pond behind our house. They sounded like relatives catching up as they flew in this morning - as if it were a family reunion and they were the first to arrive, all talking over each other in their excitement. I estimate between 50 and 60 geese arrived today, but by the end we will have hundreds of chatty, noisy geese back there. They seem to argue over the best places to eat and sleep, which part of the pond belongs to what unit, and so on. But, like any good family, despite their squabbles they stay close to each other and work together to keep their enemies at a distance. I am so happy they are back - I miss them and their drama when they're gone.


  1. Ah, sleeping in. Weirdly, my sister envies me the restful sleep I get on a regular basis, yet thinks I'm insane to homeschool (pick a side, girl!). LOL

    Are you using a specific book for your art lessons?

    We are using "Discovering Great Artists" which is fabulous. This week we will be "aging" paintings.

    It felt like it went from summer to autumn in the past few days. Cool mornings and evenings; last night as we walked home from dinner, I told my husband I needed a hoodie!

    Guess we won't get Canadian geese here... Maybe you can take some photos and share them with the rest of the world! :-D

  2. Yes - we had a big change of weather here as well! I'll try to post some pics of "my" geese.
    We're using Discovering Great Artists as well - I also have several other books that seem to fit in well with it and lots of art books in general (art is my thing, along with literature so we have lots of that stuff about). I really enjoy Discovering Great Artists, especially the hands-on projects. Perfect for my crew. =)